Company Culture

China Resources contains the beautiful meaning of "the land of China is moistened by rain and dew". The design concept of China Resources' corporate logo comes from the calligraphy of Yan Zhenqing, a calligraphy master in the prosperous Tang Dynasty. The Chinese character "Hua" in Yan style is composed of four "human" characters in the middle, and the logo of China Resources created based on this inspiration shows that China Resources is in the same line with the long and splendid Chinese culture. The four "people" characters are like a group of upward arrows, implying that China Resources' business is booming; the amber yellow square in the China Resources logo symbolizes the earth, implying that China Resources is concerned about the motherland and rooted in the fertile soil of China. The white character "人" stands out from the amber background, representing the people of China Resources who have the courage to face challenges and actively think innovatively. The China Resources corporate logo bears the intangible assets of the enterprise and is the medium for the comprehensive information transmission of the enterprise.
Mission: Caring for public health and creating a better life together;
Vision: To become the leader of the public medical and health industry;
Values: honesty and trustworthiness, performance orientation, people-oriented, win-win cooperation.
Organizational atmosphere: sincerity, unity, openness, and progress.