China Resources Sanjiu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 2015 Memorabilia

1. China Resources Sanjiu acquired Zhongyi Pharmaceutical for 1.3 billion to further enrich the product line
On August 8, China Resources Sanjiu issued an announcement: the company acquired 100% equity of Zhejiang Zhongyi Pharmaceutical for 1.3 billion in cash. This acquisition will further enrich the company's product line, supplement the company's oral antibiotic preparation product line and potential varieties such as tetrandrine and oxycodone paracetamol, and enhance future development momentum.

2. China Resources Sanjiu passed the certification of "National High-tech Enterprise" again
On December 25, China Resources Sanjiu received the "High-tech Enterprise Certificate" jointly issued by Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee, Shenzhen Finance Committee, Shenzhen State Taxation Bureau and Shenzhen Local Taxation Bureau, valid for three years. This indicates that the company will continue to enjoy various national and local tax reductions and exemptions for "national high-tech enterprises", scientific and technological innovation funding, research and development project support and other supporting policies in the next three years, of which the company will directly reduce taxes by about 150 million yuan.

3. China Resources Sanjiu won the "three consecutive championships" in the list of Chinese non-prescription drug manufacturers
From November 5th to 6th, at the "Twelfth China Self-medication Annual Conference" sponsored by the China Non-Prescription Drug Association, the comprehensive statistical ranking of China's non-prescription drug manufacturers and products in 2015 was announced, and China Resources Sanjiu won many awards. honor. Among them, the company's comprehensive ranking has once again topped the list of non-prescription drug manufacturers in China after 2013 and 2014, achieving "three consecutive championships".

4. China Resources Sanjiu's first "big health" product - 999 brown sugar ginger tea released
On March 17, China Resources Sanjiu's first "big health" product - 999 Brown Sugar Ginger Tea Conference was held at the headquarters. Song Qing, President of China Resources Sanjiu, Qiu Huawei, Senior Vice President, Tan Ying, Vice President, and Zhou Hui, Vice President attended the meeting. More than 50 persons in charge of relevant centers and departments of the headquarters and colleagues attended the press conference.

5. China Resources Sanjiu's 2014 annual performance briefing meeting was held in Shenzhen
On April 21, China Resources Sanjiu's 2014 annual performance briefing meeting was held in Shenzhen. Before the meeting, a "big health" new product launch event was held. Company President Song Qing, Senior Vice President Qiu Huawei, Vice President Lin Guolong, and Vice President Zhou Hui attended the meeting to review the company's 2014 operating performance, review and analyze existing problems and deficiencies, and introduce the 2015 business plan.

6. China Resources Sanjiu compiled the "13th Five-Year Plan" and the 2016 business plan
On August 24, China Resources 39th "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" publicity and implementation meeting and 16-year business plan preparation kick-off meeting was held at the headquarters. The meeting analyzed the company's operating conditions from January to July this year, and systematically presented the company's overall "13th Five-Year" strategic plan.
7. 999 Tmall official flagship store opens
On September 9, the official flagship store of 999 Tmall opened grandly, marking that China Resources Sanjiu officially entered the field of e-commerce. Song Qing, president of China Resources Sanjiu, said that the company will extend its line of health products and actively integrate into the Internet, instead of simply using the Internet as a sales channel and promoting corporate innovation with Internet thinking.

8. China Resources Sanjiu ranks 57th in the BrandZ Most Valuable Chinese Brand List
On January 27, WPP Group and Millward Brown released the fifth BrandZ™ (one of the most authoritative Chinese brand rankings) list of the top 100 most valuable Chinese brands, and China Resources Sanjiu ranked 57th in the list .

9. The commencement ceremony of major projects in Sichuan Province was held in China Resources Sanjiu (Ya'an) Pharmaceutical Industrial Park
On December 25, major projects in Sichuan Province at the end of 2015 started intensively. As a sub-venue, Ya'an City held the commencement ceremony of the second batch of city-wide major projects in the fourth quarter of 2015. China Resources Sanjiu (Ya'an) undertook the centralized groundbreaking ceremony, and the site of the ceremony was selected as the construction site of China Resources Sanjiu (Ya'an) Pharmaceutical Industrial Park in Daxing Town.
After the completion of China Resources Sanjiu (Ya'an) Pharmaceutical Industrial Park, China Resources Sanjiu (Ya'an) will have product clusters such as seeds and seedlings, GAP medicinal material bases, traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces, natural medicine injections, oral preparations, formula granules, and comprehensive health products, realizing the realization of traditional Chinese medicine. Full coverage of the health industry chain.

10. China Resources Jinchan Traditional Chinese Medicine Formula Granules Extraction (Phase II) project started construction
In February, Anhui China Resources Jinchan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.’s traditional Chinese medicine formula granule extraction (phase II) project held a groundbreaking ceremony in Huaibei Economic and Technological Development Zone. The strategic goal has taken another solid step.
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