China Resources Sanjiu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Chronicle of Events in 2016

1. China Resources Sanjiu's 1.89 billion acquisition of Shenghuo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement

On the evening of July 26, China Resources Sanjiu issued an announcement: In order to implement the company's strategic goals, give full play to its core advantages, and continuously enrich its product line, the company plans to acquire Kunming Shenghuo Pharmaceutical ( Group) Co., Ltd. 100% equity. The total price of this transaction is 1.89 billion yuan (of which the equity transfer price related to the performance commitment is 180 million yuan). On the morning of July 27, the signing ceremony for the cooperation between China Resources Sanjiu and Kunming Shenghuo Pharmaceutical was held at the Shenzhen headquarters of China Resources Sanjiu.

CR Sanjiu’s products in the field of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular are mainly injections. The acquisition of Shenghuo Pharmaceutical can obtain "Li Wei Wang" brand Xuesaitong soft capsules, which can quickly supplement oral dosage products in the field of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, and enrich the products in the field of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. Wire.

2. Strategic cooperation between China Resources Sanjiu and Sanofi to jointly expand the consumer healthcare market

On December 2, China Resources Sanjiu and Sanofi signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shanghai, committing to jointly develop the consumer healthcare market. This strategic cooperation involves two aspects: the two parties intend to establish a joint venture focusing on pediatric and gynecological OTC products in China; at the same time, China Resources Sanjiu will be responsible for the development of Yishanfu®, one of Sanofi’s global OTC flagship brands, in the Chinese market. Distribution and Promotion. This cooperation will also serve as a platform for Sanofi Healthcare to launch new products in China in the future.

Sanofi has many OTC and health products in the world. In the Chinese market, Sanofi owns the children's drug brand "Haowa", the gynecological drug brand "Convute" and one of its global flagship brands of non-prescription drugs "Easanfu® ", and China Resources Sanjiu has a very good basis for cooperation in multiple business fields such as pediatrics, gynecology, and liver disease.

3. In 2016, the "999 Love Angel Ya'an Public Welfare Project" was successfully launched

2016 is the third anniversary of the "4•20" Lushan strong earthquake. On September 26, China Resources Sanjiu joined hands with the Pediatric Branch of the Chinese Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine to Ya'an City and Lushan County to carry out the theme of "Hand in hand, walk with love - 999 The "Love Angel Ya'an Public Welfare Project" series of activities has achieved complete success.

"999 Angel of Love" is a sunshine public welfare platform built by the company. Since its establishment in 2008, it has practiced public welfare through various forms and channels, continued to focus on public welfare, and carried out a series of themed activities such as public welfare education, love donations, happy dreams, touring education, and caring for children. Children in remote areas and impoverished mountainous areas They send a love, convey a warmth, and are highly appraised by the public.

4. The South Medicine Research and Development Laboratory of the National Engineering Technology Research Center of Chinese Patent Medicine was established

On January 11, the signing ceremony of the "National Chinese Patent Medicine Engineering Technology Research Center Southern Medicine Research and Development Laboratory" was held at the headquarters of China Resources Sanjiu. Witnessed by Song Qing, President of China Resources Sanjiu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Professor Chen Weiwen, Vice President of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, representatives of both parties signed the cooperation agreement.

The National Engineering Technology Research Center of Chinese Patent Medicine and Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine have reached a platform cooperation to jointly build the "Southern Medicine Research and Development Laboratory", making full use of the advantages of both parties, sharing information resources, establishing technical support, and reaching a deeper level in personnel training and research directions. levels of consensus and cooperation.

5. The CR Sanjiu Party Committee held a collective talk on clean government and signed a letter of responsibility for party conduct and clean government

On April 20, the CR Sanjiu Party Committee organized the main persons in charge of the Party conduct and clean government construction of each center, department, business department, and business unit to have a collective talk on clean government, and organized the signing of the 2016 Party Style and Clean Government Responsibility Letter.

At the meeting, Comrade Song Qing, secretary of the company's party committee, signed the 2016 responsibility letter for party conduct and clean government with the party committee (party branch) secretaries of each unit one by one.

6. China Resources Sanjiu continued to rank first in the list of non-prescription drug manufacturers in China

On November 18-20, 2016, the 13th China Self-Diagnosis and Treatment Annual Conference was held in Guiyang, with the theme of "Change, Opportunity and Positioning". At the meeting, the China Non-prescription Drug Association announced the results of the "Comprehensive Statistical Ranking of Non-Prescription Drug Manufacturers in 2016" and the "Comprehensive Statistical Ranking of China's Non-Prescription Drug Products in 2016". First.

In the ranking of product brand statistics, China Resources Sanjiu Ganmaoling Granules/Capsules have won the first place in the cold and cough category of Chinese patent medicines for seven consecutive years since 2009, and compound dexamethasone acetate cream (999 Piyanping) has won the No. Sanjiu Weitai won the third place in the digestive medicine category of Chinese patent medicines, and Qiangli Pipalu won the third place in the category of Chinese patent medicines for relieving cough, reducing phlegm and relieving asthma.

7. China Resources Sanjiu plans to build a big health business department

On August 30, China Resources Sanjiu issued a notice, deciding to establish a big health business department (preparation), clarified the strategic positioning and development strategy of the business department, and established a preparatory team.

In the 39th "13th Five-Year Plan" of China Resources, the company has established "self-diagnosis and treatment leader" as one of its vision goals, is committed to creating differentiated brands, achieving brand upgrades, and clearly taking big health as one of its future development directions. The establishment of the Great Health Division is to effectively guarantee the implementation of the strategy at the organizational level and gradually form a new strategic business unit.

8. China Resources Sanjiu launched the "financial sharing" project construction

On May 6, the kick-off meeting of China Resources Sanjiu Financial Sharing Project was held at the Shenzhen headquarters. At the meeting, Vice President Lin Guolong announced the official launch of the project, and elaborated on the necessity of financial sharing construction, the value brought by financial sharing, and risk warnings during the project process; Vice President Yu Ming spoke on behalf of the project steering committee, Introduced the preliminary preparations of the project, organizational personnel guarantee, logistics support, etc., emphasizing the importance of the financial sharing project to promote change management and improve company efficiency and benefits.

9. The exclusive variety "Erxieting Granules" is listed as a second-class protected variety of national traditional Chinese medicine

On July 22, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the No. 7 Announcement on Protected Varieties of Traditional Chinese Medicine (No. 125 in 2016), approving 9 varieties of traditional Chinese medicine from 10 pharmaceutical companies as the first second-level protected variety of traditional Chinese medicine, and granted 1 protected variety of traditional Chinese medicine Continue to extend the protection period. China Resources Shenlu's exclusive variety "Erxieting Granules" is among them.

10. China Resources Sanjiu Shenzhen Headquarters Phase II Land Project Started Construction

On the morning of November 8, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Phase II land use project of China Resources Sanjiu Shenzhen Headquarters was held. Song Qing, secretary of the company's party committee and president, announced the official start of the project, and cut the ribbon for the start of the project together with other leaders of the company in Shenzhen.
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I am impressed by the company’s commitment to innovation and high-quality products, and I hope the business will continue to grow even better.


The China Resources 999 brand is highly recommended for everyone to eat. I have bought it several times, and I bought it for my parents and I also bought it for myself. Because not all vitamins can be supplemented in our daily diet, it must be very good to eat more vitamins. I will definitely repurchase their health products in the future.


Great, so cool.


Seeing the development of enterprises in the motherland is getting better and better, as a Chinese, I am very pleased! ! !


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