China Resources Sanjiu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 2013 Memorabilia

1. In March, China Resources Sanjiu announced the annual report of listed companies. The company realized operating income of 6.891 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 24.72%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 1.014 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 33.35%, achieving a breakthrough growth in the operating performance of listed companies.

2. On October 15, listed companies, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau jointly held an investor open day event themed "Practice the Chinese Dream and Enter Listed Companies". Since China Resources Sanjiu joined the China Resources Group at the end of 2007, over the past five years, its net profit has grown at a compound rate of 30%, and its operating income has grown at a compound rate of 25%, returning to the ranks of China's best listed companies.

3. In the "2013 China's Top 50 Most Valuable Brands List" released by WPP, the world's second largest communication service group, the "999" brand was selected again, ranking 44th.

4. China Resources Sanjiu successfully acquired Guangdong Shunfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Guilin Tianhe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in 2013, continuously enriching product lines, laying a solid foundation for listed companies to expand their brands in dermatology and orthopedic medicines, and further enhancing the core competitiveness of the company force.

5. China Resources Sanjiu won the "Outstanding Contribution Award" to China's pharmaceutical industry in the selection of national "Health Daily" and other professional medical media.

6. The research results of China Resources Sanjiu Shenfu Injection won the National Science and Technology Progress Award, realizing the strategy of supporting traditional Chinese medicine prescription drugs with scientific and technological strength, and in-depth development of industry-university-research collaboration.

7. Successfully sponsored the special TV program "Where Are We Going, Dad?" which aroused great repercussions in the market and played a powerful role in promoting the development of the corporate brand and the expansion of "Sanjiu Business Road".

8. China Resources Sanjiu carried out in-depth organizational reforms, starting from the development goal of "one goal, one organization, one team, and one culture", and integrated the original multiple legal person units into "four research and development, production, marketing, and management" Platform", implement the organizational structure model of headquarters operation management and control, and realize integrated functional management and control.

9. China Resources Sanjiu has successively carried out a series of lean management project activities such as "5S and factory visual management", "lean six sigma", "QC subject" and "job training system for operation staff" in 13 manufacturing units. In the production system, the lean management level of listed companies has been vigorously promoted.

10. China Resources Sanjiu continued to assist in the construction of China Resources Hope Town, and carried out the "999 Love Angels" medical public welfare activities in Guizhou and Linzhi, Tibet for many times. Contribute to the development of charity and public welfare.

11. On November 29, the "2013 China Listed Companies Word of Mouth List" award ceremony hosted by "Daily Economic News" was held in Chengdu. China Resources Sanjiu relied on its outstanding performance in the first three quarters of this year and its long-standing excellent brand Operational ability, won the "Most Growing Listed Company" award.

12. On June 25, the "10th China Self-medication Annual Conference Non-prescription Drug Brand Development Forum" sponsored by the China Non-Prescription Drug Association released the comprehensive statistical ranking of China's non-prescription drug manufacturers in 2013, and China Resources Sanjiu ranked first in the comprehensive ranking .
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Their products are of first-class quality, affordable prices, and good service attitude. I highly recommend this company, they are a solid business partner.


China Resources 999, a big brand, is trustworthy.


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